Veterans Education Programs

Over half of veteran education benefits go unused.

Which is a shame, because it's a huge benefit to neglect after serving your country for it. The biggest concern our veterans have expressed toward furthering their education is their distaste for the traditional (formal) methods of instruction.  We are an approved program through the G.I.Bill and will help you through the process of enrollment, housing allowance and living stipends. Our programs are designed to keep you active, enhance the strengths you learned in the military and to teach you new expertise along different career paths while still maintaining a more casual environment. Above all, our programs can be molded to include family members as well.

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Recreational Therapy

One of the first courses we offer is Recreational Therapy. This course makes our veterans skilled in conducting indoor/ outdoor activities and events where they can move on to become wilderness guides, recreational therapists, start a business in adventure tourism or even switch tracks to pursue other programs. A lot of veterans are already well suited for recreational therapy due to their training in leadership, organization and by just having true grit.


Community-Veteran Emergency Medical Technician

Our CV-EMT program prepares veterans for a career in para-medicine so they can continue their commitment to serving their country (by serving their communities). Community para-medicine (CV-EMT) not only focuses on teaching emergency services but also on providing more of the underserved majority with basic healthcare needs. We recognize that medical services for veterans and the general public are inadequate and so we created the CV-EMT program to give veterans the opportunity to earn a living by helping others.

Finally, it gives a veteran a chance to take advantage of the educational benefits they're entitled to.

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To learn how to enroll as a full-time student, give us a call at (406) 540-2302
You ARE worth it.