The VA medical system can be hard to maneuver, agreed?

That is one of the most persistent issues we hear about in the veteran community. Our goal is to zero-in on the most underserved medical needs of our veterans and provide solutions that exceed their expectations.

man without a shirt being diagnosed by doctor

It all starts with PAIN

Over half of our vets report having some kind of chronic pain. As some of you may know, chronic pain is not just physical. It can be detrimental to your overall quality of life. That is why we are in the process of assembling a team of highly-skilled pain management providers that will be made available through a simple referral process from your primary VA physician.

brain x-ray that has detected traumatic injury

TBI Diagnosis and Research

TBI has been known to be misdiagnosed as several different medical conditions and it is having lasting effects on our veteran's lives. It can mirror the symptoms of PTSD, affect memory retention and cause problems with balance and mood. We are working in cooperation with qualified TBI researchers and clinicians to bring cutting-edge treatments and a more precise diagnosis process so that TBIs can either be confirmed and treated or ruled-out.

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