Meet our RIVER Students

Aaron Croteau and family

RIVER has been a glorious ride for the last 1 1/2 years. There has been many other programs similar that I tried out but none had the same effect of accomplishment or the feeling  of being completely welcome no matter what the situation was.  It is amazing to be able to better myself and others and learn tools to help me and my family out physically and mentally.

Sharon Greene

I am a student in the River program and I love it. It provides understanding to something I knew very little about, PTSD. The program provides opportunities to be a better person myself and help me to manage the day to day misconceptions  of living with someone who has PTSD through activities and book work.

Angelique Blevins

I love the availability of the program, not having to drive hours from home to attend is a huge plus! This program just has so much information to offer and I'm glad I get to be apart of it.